Indigenous Taiwan:A Short Introduction
Joas Platteeuw


This article introduces the reader to indigenous Taiwan. In the first section two different tribes are followed; from their approximate arrival in Taiwan, to their contact with different new settlers. This starts with the arrival of the Dutch and Spanish colonizers in the 17th century, up to recent changes in Taiwan’s political landscape. After having done so, several cases highlight the position indigenous peoples have in contemporary Taiwan. A next section briefly looks at the difficulty of indigenous politics. Last, a conclusion is provided. In short, looking back at the road traveled, we see that in the past few decades the legal position of indigenous people substantially improved. This is, however, by no means the end of the road, as it is also clear indigenous peoples continue to face many issues. 




 Joas Platteeuw
Nationality: Dutch
In Taiwan since: February 2016. 
Recently graduated from the University of Amsterdam (M. Sc. International Development Studies), after which I decided to go to Taiwan. I have previously done research in Darjeeling, India, and am interested in sustainable development, distribution of environmental risks, and the inclusion of civil society or other groups working in the public interest. 
The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the view of Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association, Taiwan.
Joas Platteeuw