Our Vision

"Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association" is an organization founded by Robin Winkler (in Taiwan since 1977, gave up US nationality as required by Taiwan law to become a naturalized Taiwanese in 2003).  Wild is a platform for social, economic and political (resource utilization) change through promotion of the ideas of deep ecology by means of litigation, dialog, conventional and unconventional educational activities.  We provide support the environmental (social, economic and non human environment) grassroots movements.  We believe that a new "mindfulness" is necessary to prevent the premature death of life on Earth.  We also believe, to paraphrase Gandhi, that true change will only come about when two forces interact against the established paradigm: resistance and creation. Restoration, conservation and preservation of the environment are the basis for both, and that is Wild's focus.

Through litigation, legislative reform and patient negotiations and dialog with government officials, corporate representatives, professors and other educators and members of the public, as well as collaboration with communities, public departments and organizations, we will successfully challenge the consume till you die mantra and contribute to the growing awareness of interconnectedness.

"Wild at Heart Legal Defense Association" is a registered organisation under the law of civic organisations in Taiwan.